And, tears.

November 2, 2009 at 7:39 pm (Random Ramblings)

 Playlist:  Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker – Questamation- I’ve had this cd since it came out in March but hadn’t listened in a while, I’ve been listening to it non stop for the past week – damn it’s good!  Good Canadian boys. 


Visionary Science Patrol

“Hope is always the antidote and I’m feeling what I can” ~ USS (Anti-Venom)

I went for a walk after work today and I came across a few people standing on the sidewalk watching a raccoon just sitting in the middle of the road kind of hunched over, not moving, in full daylight.  I asked if they knew what was wrong but they said he had just been sitting there for a while not moving, they figured he was probably sick or scared or stunned or something.  “Poor little guy, I don’t know if he’s going to make it” one of the ladies said.  And the next thing you know I’m walking away in tears.  I went by the same spot on my way home and the people and the raccoon were gone so I don’t know what happened to him.  And, tears again.  It’s so weird how your perception of things can change with circumstances.  Normally if I saw a raccoon, I would be getting the hell out of there and trying to put as much distance as possible between myself and rabies.  But seeing this poor little guy just sitting in the middle of the road with something obviously wrong with him, I felt so sad.    

It reminds me of when I saw a dead pigeon on the sidewalk a few months ago, now a dead pigeon would usually get a response somewhere along the lines of  “ew gross” but this particular pigeon had a pigeon friend, who was walking around it in circles and trying to nudge it with its beak to wake it up.  I stood and watched it for a few minutes, and the next thing you know I’m walking to the subway in tears.  When I met up with my friend and I was telling him about it 20 mins later, the tears came again.  “Really?  Over a pigeon?”  he asked.  I didn’t really get it either except that I wondered if the friend even understood what was happening and something about it having a friend who would miss it broke my heart.  Like when you see a dead animal at the side of the road when you’re driving and you don’t think much about it, unless it’s a dog or a cat – then suddenly it’s someone’s pet and someone is going to miss it so it makes it seem more tragic .  Or is that just me?

I admit I’m a little sensitive about animals right now after watching Earth on the weekend (spoilers ahead), which is the 2 hour version of the 11 hour Planet Earth series that came out a few years ago.  Look I get it, it’s nature, it’s the way it works, there are predators,  there is prey,  they need to survive etc.  But can’t I just once be able to watch something about animals without having to see them killing each other?  Do I really need to see a movie where they filmed a polar bear starving to death, why don’t you put down the camera and give the thing something to eat?  I know, you don’t want to interfere etc.  but then don’t film it.  Don’t get me wrong,  the cinematography in that movie is unbelievable, some of the scenes they show are magical.   But why, after showing truly stunning shots of thousands of caribou migrating, do I have to watch a baby caribou being chased by a wolf with James Earl Jones telling me not to worry because the baby can outrun the wolf and the wolf will eventually give up ……. as long as the baby doesn’t trip.  And as with any good horror movie, the baby eventually trips.   Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, tears.  Why can’t you just make a movie that thrills me with all of the beauty of nature without reducing me to tears 5 times during it?  I understand that killing is part of nature and it has to happen, I just don’t want to see it, I can’t deal.  At all.  If I want to end up looking like Rocky Balboa I have plenty of options to choose from.

That being said, it really is an awesome movie!!!  I never saw Planet Earth but now I definitely want to, although I’m guessing I’m going to need a box of Kleenex to get through it or at least a lot more footage of ducks learning to fly.


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Metric + Massey Hall = AWESOME!

October 24, 2009 at 4:41 pm (Concerts, Music)

Playlist:  a little Metric, obviously.

Poster of a Girl

Dead Disco

Help I’m Alive

In my next life can I please come back as Emily Haines from Metric?  I LOVE her!!!!!  She is my one true girl crush!  Not only does she have a voice that I have said on many occasions I would sell my soul for, she’s just awesome!!  I saw Metric on Wed night for the third time this year and I’ve now decided that they are second only to Linkin Park for me as the best live band I’ve seen!  Coincidentally, having seen them 3 times ties them with Linkin Park for second place on my list of bands I’ve seen multiple times in one year.  The reigning champs are my boys in Madina Lake whom I’ve seen 5 times in a year, which is as much a testament to how often they tour as it is to how insane I am.

Back to Metric, first of all, seeing them at Massey Hall – incredible!  That place is magic!!!!  They seemed genuinely thrilled to be playing there, which I think anyone who grew up in Toronto and has been to a concert there should be.  It is without a doubt my favorite venue for a concert!    Aside from the magic of Massey, Emily Haines is magic herself.  She is completely captivating on stage and she never stops moving.  While discussing her dance moves and why she is so engaging while jumping around like a crazy person I think my friend Kelly totally nailed it – she does on stage what we all do at home in our bedrooms when we’re listening to music….jumping, spinning, marching, dancing, bopping, head banging ….whatever your body wants to do.  Which makes you feel like she’s really just rocking out to the music rather than trying to put on a show – I think that’s why she is, as my sister-in-law put it, mesmerizing!  You can’t take your eyes off her and she’s larger than life, but at the same time she also just seems like a cool chick rockin’ out to some tunes.  Accessible and yet a complete star at the same time!  And the while she never stops jumping and is constantly moving – her singing doesn’t suffer one bit – she sounds amazing.  So suck on that all the Britney Spears out there who use dancing as an excuse for why they lip-sync their shows!!!!!  I think if you can sing, you can sing even if you’re dancing.    And Emily Haines can SING!  

This is actually from the show the night before cuz I couldn’t find a good one from Wed show but you get the picture.


LOVE Emily, LOVE Metric, cannot wait until they play Massey again!!!  Well done kids!!

One other note, I had the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had the other night at Aroma Espresso Bar on Bloor just east of Bathurst.  OMG, it’s like drinking a chocolate bar!  I wouldn’t say that I’m a hot chocolate expert or anything but I highly suggest it be tried by everyone – just make sure you stir it first.  Damn, now I want one … anyone feel like making a delivery?  Really, no one??  I’ll be your best friend?  No?  Damn.

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Dancing with the Stars

October 20, 2009 at 7:51 pm (TV)


 Kings and Queens – 30 Seconds to Mars (still)

Hell – Tegan and Sara

Too Late – Dead by Sunrise

So I’m catching up with last night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars.  A couple of things… first of all, W.T.F. is up with Samantha Harris’ hair????  Seriously, what year is this???  I often wonder if hosts of shows like this have any say in their hair and makeup because, dude, you couldn’t pay me to go on tv looking like that!!!  I mean I don’t even like her, she is dumb as a post and completely useless on this show especially when Tom Bergeron is so awesome, but I still wouldn’t wish that hair on anyone.  She has gorgeous hair normally, I covet it.  But seriously, who did that to her?  THAT….. is not ok.  Check it out…












Second, I hate Aaron Carter!  I mean, I hadn’t really given him much thought in the past except the few times I did ever hear about him or saw him I thought he seemed like a whiny little brat.  And now that I see him on DWTS – I think he seems like a whiny little brat.  When he makes those faces, I just want to punch him!  I read somewhere that there is a rumour that one of the reasons Karina and Maks broke up was because she was spending time with Aaron outside of the studio.  Oh Karina!  Hell no!!!  Please, please please do not go there.  You already dated the shirtless wonder that is Mario Lopez (I was and will always be a Zach girl, so Slater can suck it!) please don’t sink any lower and start dating Aaron effing Carter.  I hope that rumour isn’t true.  I hope he goes home this week I’m tired of him, but the judges apparently loved his tango – I found it creepy.

Next, I LOVE Kelly Osbourne!!  I’ve always had a soft spot for her and on this show I just love her.  She’s so adorable and seems to really be enjoying herself.  I love her cheeky attitude with her partner and just how excited she always seems when she’s done.  I totally knew the minute I saw the makeup on Louis that they were going to be dancing to an Ozzy song, he really does look like a short haired version of old school Ozzy.











Kelly talked about how nervous she was dancing to one of her dad’s songs (it was Crazy Train fyi) with him there.  I just kept thinking about the poor dude who had to try to SING the song with Ozzy in the audience.  He even had to do the ALL ABOARD! at the beginning, which takes some balls to do that with the Oz man sitting right there. 
Most of the other dancers I could take or leave but I do love Louis and Chelsea and after this episode, I really think they are knocking boots.  They’re so cute, I hope they get married and have cute babies.  The chemistry is definitely there between them and last night they looked adorable.
The group dance was fun but there was all kinds of awkward going on with the lifts and tricks and stuff.  Not fluid at all, kind of a train wreck really, but still fun to watch.
One last note, I love that Tom Bergeron pointed out that Latoya Jackson was in the audience and mentioned that it was because there is going to be a special tribute to MJ on tonight’s results show.  That’s great Tom, except that doesn’t explain why she’s been in the audience for the past three weeks.  She’s become a permanent fixture.

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Somewhere between 7:30 and 11:00

October 18, 2009 at 12:36 pm (Concerts, Music, Random Ramblings)

Playlist:  One song, on repeat, non-stop, awesome – I cannot wait for this album to come out!!!

Kings and Queens – 30 Seconds to Mars

“The lessons that we’ve learned here have only just begun.”  ~30 Seconds to Mars

Can we please get some kind of consistency with concert timing and when the opening and headlining bands are actually going to hit the stage? 

Generally, depending on how many opening bands there are etc. I assume somewhere around 9 or 10 for the headliner but lately I’ve been to a few that did not follow this trend and it can be frustrating.  Two recently that are at both ends of the spectrum.

The other night I went to see the Silversun Pickups, realizing there were 2 opening bands and being a little tired we tried to time it to get there around 9:30 figuring we would catch the end of the second opening band and then SSPU would be going on around 10-ish.  Well, we got there around 9:30 and managed to catch the end of the first opening band An Horse – dumbest band name EVER!!  Heard a little of them, not bad, sort of background music but okay.  Then we had to sit through Cage the Elephant, which, I’m sorry, I do not get.  I’ve seen a lot of bands live that I’ve never heard before and although I may not always walk away a fan exactly, most of them I can say that I at least enjoyed the show.  Case in point, Hollywood Undead – I will never listen to them, but watching them live – I get it.  Cage the Elephant, not so much.  This meant that SSPU didn’t take the stage until 11pm.  That’s just crazy!  I realize I’m going to sound old saying this but 11pm?  Really?  Had I known before hand that this would be the case I would have extended my evening nap and showed up for 11:00 and everything would have been fine.  As it was I had to suffer through Cage the Elephant and after what seemed like 6 hours of them I was tired and over it. 

Now cut to three weeks ago when my friend and I were going to see White Lies at the Phoenix.  The ticket said doors were at 6pm which I though seemed a little early but didn’t really analyze it too much.  So originally we were planning to maybe stop by a little piano bar for a drink on the way to the show but because it was raining decided just to go straight there and have a drink there and catch the opener.  Um thank god we did that because as we were strolling in at 7:45pm I hear the distinct sounds of the White Lies being played.  I asked the bouncer how long they had been on for and he told me about 5 or 10 mins.  WTF?????  They went on at 7:30??????  And they only played for an hour so the entire concert was over by 8:30.  On a Saturday night!!!  8:30pm!!  If it hadn’t been raining we would have missed the whole thing and I would have been pissed.  Something to keep in mind if you’re ever going to see a concert at the Phoenix on a Sat. 

So I guess somewhere between 7:30 and 11:00 is the norm for headliners.  Great, that’s helpful. 

I’m sure some of the reasoning behind not having actual set times is flexibility and also that it encourages people to come and  check out the openers.  To be honest I often do want to check out the opening bands, in fact, there are a lot of concerts that I go to specifically just to see one of the opening bands – you know who you are Madina Lake!!  However,  the fact that I am NOT 16 anymore means that I have no patience for waiting in line for an hour to get in.  There’s no reason to as I’m not at all interested in being at the front of the stage.  Sadly, for yours truly…that train has sailed.  Some nights I’m totally up for a full night of music and sometimes, like the other night with SSPU, I’m a little tired and not in the mood to be there for hours so it would be nice to be able to show up specifically for the band I want to see and not have to suffer through the atrocities heaped upon us by some openers – yeah I’m talking about you Cage the Elephant!  I just think that if shows are going to deviate from the usual 9-10pm headliner start time they should let the concert goers know so that we can adjust our schedule accordingly.  Or put a note on the ticket with the headlining show time.  Is that so much to ask?

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Chicago Reigns (as seen on an umbrella)

October 14, 2009 at 9:31 pm (Random Ramblings)

    Playlist:  The new Kill Hannah album (Chicago boys!)  Here’s a sample
    Spent the weekend in Chicago, it was windy (I know, I’m hilarious) and cold but what a great city!  So here are a couple of things I love about Chi-town.  
    I love how the announcement on the subway when you enter each station sounds like the station and the train are being introduced to each other:  “this is Belmont” pause “this is a blue line train to O’Hare”.   I felt like he should say “now shake hands”. 
    I love the random “Curb your dog” signs.   Seriously, curb your dog?   IMG_0525
    I love that the Lincoln Park Zoo is free, and awesome!!  I love the family that we were around while seeing the monkeys who we affectionately nicknamed “the nasty family” due to a comment from one of the kids who said about the monkeys “they being nasty” to which the mother replied “they not being nasty, they just groomin each other”.  Other zingers from this family included “ew he’s digging in his nose”  “so what, I seen you diggin in yours before” or “he’s just laying there”  “yeah, he’s like your brother” and my personal fav, while my friend and I tried to figure out exactly what we were looking at our question was answered very loudly by daughter #2 “I think that’s his butt”.   Oh Nasty Family, I hope you had a good day, I wish we could have spent more time with you but we lost you somewhere after seeing the gorillas.    I also love the camel with one messed up hump.IMG_0516 I love the woman who took our tickets at the entrance of the Underground Adventure Exhibit at the Field Museum of Natural History who was so honest when my friend asked “Is it amazing?”  to which she replied “No, but you already paid for it so you might as well go in.”  HA!  Awesome!!!!
    I love that the hot, hot, mostly straight male bartenders at Minibar all take off their shirts at midnight!  Those gay bars really know what they’re doing.
    I love this statue…
    I love our waiter Ted E. Graham at Ed Debevic’s (for those unfamiliar with this diner, the shtick is that the waiters are rude and snotty and basically verbally abuse the customers).  I love that he didn’t know what he was in for when he took me on and his final comeback to me was “you’re so mean!”  Dude, is that the best you got?
     I love this random couple just chillin’ out on a bench next to a pirate.IMG_0541

    I love that I managed to cross the finish line of the Chicago marathon, okay, so maybe the clean up crew were about to start dismantling it and I had actually spent the day at the Field Museum but it’s likely the only chance I will ever get to do it so give it to me. 

    Most of all, I love that I was able to be at Navy Pier at the right time to witness this (and yes, that is my camera work)

     The next time you think you hate your job, I want you to remember these people, doing this in public, on a Saturday afternoon, in front of people, for real, in those costumes, making minimum wage, IN FRONT OF PEOPLE!  You’re welcome.  

     Don’t miss me too much Chicago, I’ll be back soon enough!!!!


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Rudy does it again

September 20, 2009 at 7:12 pm (Random Ramblings)

Playlist:  Feeling a little retro today.

Just caught the end of the movie Rudy on tv, god I’ve seen that so many times and it still makes me cry.   It’s one of those movies that I have to watch every time I come across it on tv even though I KNOW it’s going to make me cry.  Oh Sean Astin, even before you were Samwise Gamgee, I always had a soft spot for you.  Ever since I first saw your riveting, poignant and heartbreaking portrayal of a young boy trying desperately to save his house in that seminal 80’s masterpiece The Goonies.  You had me at “It’s our time down here!”  

Rudy is the one movie my guy friends in high school would admit made them a little teary eyed.  I am slightly more than teary eyed when I watch it.  I can sometimes build up an immunity to movies if I’ve seen them enough, don’t get me wrong, the tears will likely still come but I won’t be a sobbing mess.  There are a few that I’ve seen where I thought I might actually have a full break down watching them.  Unfortunately some of them were seen in the theatre which was so humiliating because not only did I spend the entire movie trying to stifle my sobs (which only makes your convulsions worse), but then I had to walk out in the lobby afterwards looking like Rocky with my eyes literally swollen shut.   Seriously, it’s not pretty.


I remember Titanic , I saw it opening weekend and although I knew it was going to be sad I didn’t know they were going to kill poor Leo, and then with the old lady throwing the necklace in the ocean, and the dying and the meeting Leo again under the clock – I didn’t stand a chance.  When I finally managed to compose myself and walked out of theatre a guy who was waiting in line for the next show looked at me and said to his date, “whoa, that looks bad.”  Not sure if he meant my face or the movie.  The worst ones for me were Titanic, Dead Poet’s Society,  The Cure,  The Green Mile, Schindler’s List and E.T. – and pretty much anything where an animal dies.  I try to be careful now when choosing what movies to see in the theatre, I’ve had too many Balboa episodes and people don’t need to see that.     

And why do they make you watch sad movies in elementary school???   That is so cruel.  I remember having to watch Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows in like grade 4 or 5.  At 10 years old you are not equipped to deal with that kind of emotion in a public setting.  Hell, I’m still not.  But you’re sitting there with your friends trying to be cool while crying uncontrollably – it’s so horrible.  And when I say crying I don’t mean tears running down my face, I’m talking full on hyperventilating.  Those two movies traumatized me.  Two of my favorites were always Oscar Wilde’s stories The Happy Prince and The Selfish Giant.  I loved those two movies, but having to watch them with my whole class there was so mortifying and I think we watched those ones every year.  I was such a disaster.  To this day if I talk about The Happy Prince and the end of the movie I get a lump in my throat and my eyes tear up.  Are those movies on DVD?  I need to find them.

Btw – does anyone else think that Cameron Crowe looks like the reincarnation of Oscar Wilde?  It’s kind of eerie.

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

Cameron Crowe

Cameron Crowe

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Bagpipes and Unfortunate Sonic Coincidences

September 18, 2009 at 10:10 pm (Music, Random Ramblings, TV)

So I just upgraded and now I’m able to insert mp3s into my blogs which will allow me to turn my playlist into – wait for it – an actual playlist.  If I get really ambitious I’ll update my older posts with this fancy new technology.



“I miss the thoughts that design and build your mind.”  ~ USS (Stranger to Myself)

First things first, the new Muse album came out this week and it is in a word – Awesomeness!!!  A couple of the songs are in the playlist.  Muse, you magnificent bastards, you’ve done it again!!!!

Second, I caught this episode of friends tonight and even though I know what is coming I still think this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  The first time I saw this I nearly threw up I was laughing so hard.  Not just because Lisa Kudrow is AWESOME and totally rocks it but because you can see that Jennifer Aniston can’t keep it together behind her.  Please to enjoy….

And in light of the news that Coldplay “settled” their plagiarism lawsuit with Joe Satriani, this has always bugged me, ever since I first heard In My Place.  I don’t think it’s plagiarism exactly, it’s more like what Alan Cross (Toronto radio GOD) calls an unfortunate sonic coincidence, but it is a little suspect. 

Listen to the first 20 seconds of In My Place by Coldplay

Now listen to the first 20 seconds of Dreams Burn Down by Ride which came out about 12 years earlier

Very similar, no?

And even more troubling, I just found out that the archives of Alan Cross’s Ongoing History of New Music are no longer available to stream online due to copyright infringement.  WTF?  I admit, it’s been a few months since I listened to one but I always knew they were there waiting for me whenever I felt like tuning in.  Guess I’ll have to be more on the ball at catching him on the radio.  That sucks.  He needs to release those on CD, immeeds!!!

Can you tell I’m liking this mp3 thing?

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Best. Story. Ever.

September 14, 2009 at 6:51 pm (Concerts, Random Ramblings)

Current Playlist: 

First of all, Teen Wolf was on tv last night, I haven’t seen it in years and I have to say, I still kinda love that movie.  It’s so ridiculous but how can you not love MJ Fox in it – he rules!!!

If any of you have ever seen The Hour (I love you Strombo, call me) you know that they have a segment on there called Best. Story. Ever. – well I’m totally stealing that idea so here’s one of mine that I was reminded of last night.

I was at the R.E.M. concert at the Molson Amphitheatre last June and my friend and I were in line to get some beverages.  There were two young guys behind us (and by young I mean like 19 or 20 – man, I’m getting old) that I noticed because I could hear them counting out their money and trying to figure out how many beers they were going to be able to buy with their limited funds, it made me laugh.  I also noticed them because I thought one of them looked like Kid Rock – long hair, wife-beater, the whole bit – they looked like your typical young punks.  I started talking to them when one of them dropped some change – I picked up a loonie for him and pretended that I was going to keep it (I know, I know….. I’m hilarious) – they were really funny guys and we were joking around and talking to them for a while because the line was moving sooooo slowly.  So my friend and I got to the front of the line just as Modest Mouse who were the opening band (with Johnny Marr!!) started playing and the two guys were getting anxious because they were missing it.  It wasn’t a big deal to me so I told them they could go ahead of us in line and get served next.  They were pretty surprised and super excited about it and thanked us – like I said, wasn’t a big deal to me.  Finally, my friend and I got to the counter and ordered two drinks, when the cashier told us the price we both looked at each other confused because it was way too low, we asked if she knew we ordered two drinks.  “Yeah” she said, “the guys ahead of you gave me $5 to put towards your order.”

Now I know, because I heard them earlier, that they had just over $20 between them so for them to pay $5 was pretty significant.  We managed to catch them before they walked away and tried to give their money back and tell them it wasn’t necessary but they wouldn’t let us.  The just said  “don’t worry about it, you guys were really cool to talk to and really cool for letting us in line ahead of you, enjoy the show.  Cheers.”  How awesome is that??  So we thanked them and went on our way. 

I love this story because it shows that you really never can judge a person by what they look like.  But also, that you never know how something you do will affect someone else, no matter how small it may seem.  I didn’t know that something as simple as letting them go ahead of us was going to mean anything to them.  And they didn’t know that paying $5 for our drinks would mean that over a year later I would still think about them and be writing about how awesome they are.  Best. Story. Ever.

(You also never know when a random email you send to someone you haven’t talked to in ages will give them the spark they needed to get back to writing on a blog that they have been ignoring for the past few weeks – so thank you Stuart!)

To the Modest Mouse guys if you’re out there somewhere, I know you probably don’t remember that exchange.  But I remember it, and I remember you, and I tell that story every chance I get.  And every time I think about it I smile.  So thank you again, because what you did had an major effect on me.  I hope that $5 has come back to you 1000 times!!!!!

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Black holes and revelations

August 30, 2009 at 11:48 am (Random Ramblings, TV)

Playlist ( the usual Sunday crossword music): 

  • Slowdive – Souvlaki 
  • My Bloody Valentine – Loveless

“The world is full of noise yeah, I hear it all the time”  ~ Slowdive (Dagger)

The Sunday crossword, 3 Sudokus and 1 Kakuro have been completed along with a couple of cups of coffee and some chocolate chip cookies – I love a lazy Sunday. 

Been going for walks and taking some pictures in Mt Pleasant cemetery lately – that place is so awesome.  It probably sounds weird but I could spend hours in there – it’s so peaceful and it’s HUGE, apparently there’s over 150 000 people buried in there, that’s……a lot.   There are some really cool crypts and monuments, particularly in the older section.  The Massey crypt is really impressive, it’s like a small castle – I guess that’s fitting for the family that is responsible for Massey Hall – one of the best venues to see a concert in Toronto.











Watched an episode of Nova yesterday about black holes that featured a guy who totally reminds me of Doc Brown.  Man, that stuff will mess with your mind.  I love how even the scientists who study them can’t actually explain what they are, Einstein apparently didn’t really believe that they existed because he thought it was too ridiculous to think that nature would create something so outrageous.  The discussion about black holes was pretty interesting even if it’s hard to conceptualize.  But what I really have a hard time wrapping my head around is how big the universe actually is.  Our galaxy, the Milky Way has a supermassive black hole at the centre of it that is 3 million times the mass of the sun and millions of miles wide and that’s just the centre, the Milky Way itself is 100 000 light years across.  Now imagine that there are millions of other galaxies out there that are the same size or bigger than the Milky Way and those galaxies are millions if not billions of light years apart.  Holy.  Shit.  I think my brain just exploded.  We’re like a speck of dust in 100 Pacific oceans.  It kind of makes things like recessions and Octomoms and Paula Abdul returning to Idol seem a little insignificant in comparison.  If you’re not too embarrassed to go to a PBS website, the episode is available online.  It really is pretty cool, there is a neat demonstration of how gravity is caused by the warping of space around matter that sort of explains what a black hole is.  And yes, I’m a dork.

The Milky Way

The Milky Way

All that talk about black holes reminded me of a movie that came out in the late 90’s called Event Horizon about a spaceship that is capable of creating a black hole to move through space instantaneously, it disappears and turns up again 7 years later and no one knows where it’s been or what happened to the crew.  That movie …………….  was F*CKED!!!!  Seriously, I remember being completely speechless at the end of it because it was so messed up.  Like, MESSED.  UP.  Just WTF?  I hadn’t thought about that one in a while, with good reason.  Messed up.

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Billy Talent III – the obsession deepens

August 28, 2009 at 7:35 pm (Music)


“Reach into a pocketful of dreams, now before they fall out of the seams”  ~ Billy Talent (Pocketful of Dreams)

I love that it’s August and I’m sitting here in a sweatshirt wishing I could turn on the heat in my condo and waiting to see if more tornados are going to hit Toronto.  Global warming, gotta love it.

I tripped running up the stairs at work today and did a pretty spectacular face plant, I think even the Russian judge would have given me at least a 9.5.  It was one of those moments where my ego was happy that I was alone, but there was a small part of me that thought it was a shame that nobody got to witness it.  I’m sure I looked hilarious, and that might have made someone’s day.  Not that I won’t do it again someday in front of someone, probably sooner rather than later.  Stairs and I don’t always get along.

My obsession with Billy Talent’s latest album continues, it’s been out for over a month now and I can’t stop listening to it.  There are 2 songs in particular that I’ve had on repeat quite a bit, Saint Veronika and White Sparrows – they’re both just so heartbreaking.  Saint Veronika about a girl who attempts suicide and White Sparrows about a girl who dies (the   BTIIIsame girl?).  The line “I hold your casket, gently walk you to the grave” in White Sparrows gives me chills every time I hear it.  Every.  Time.  I think it’s the word gently that really gets me, weird how one word can do that.  The fact that he’s ‘gently’ walking with her casket implies a tenderness that makes it seem more tragic to me, I don’t know why.  I don’t know if that was intended or not but it kills me.  Both are great songs but that’s not the only theme on the album.  A couple of breakup songs with some good lines like “You hung me like a picture, now I’m just a frame.  I used to be your lap dog, now I’m just a stray.”  from Rusted From the Rain.  And some songs with their usual cultural commentary.  It’s a little dare I say, more mainstream than some of their previous stuff but I am still loving it.  Not sure if I would put it ahead of Billy Talent II quite yet – I was obsessed with that one for months – but we’ll see.

Now can someone please tell me how this commercial managed to make it on the air?  Seriously.  Are you telling me that out of all the people who had access to this idea, from the initial inception to it actually making it on tv, not one of them thought “hmmmm, you know, I’m not sure about this concept”?  Because I find this commercial, not only stupid, but in a word ……. gross!  Is it just me or is it a little off-putting?  It could just be me, after all I am horribly traumatized and completely creeped out anytime I see the Teletubbies.  Laugh if you want but the way those things look and move and the sounds they make – those things are not right.  I shudder just thinking about them.  Where was I?  Right, the commercial – you only have to watch the first 12 seconds.  Ew!


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