So you want to know a little something about me….  I am a  female, mid 30’s, living in Toronto. 

I watch a lot of tv – although at least 25% of what I watch is on the National Geographic channel so I don’t think that should count.

I worship at the altar of music, I can’t play it but I’d be lost without it in my life and I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening than watching a really great band.  I go to what I’m told is a lot of concerts where I’m usually surrounded by 16 year olds, it doesn’t really phase me anymore.  I’m a big proponent of Canadian music and  I’m not a fan of country, rap, r&b or hip hop in general.  I harbor a secret love of  really sappy love songs and cheesy 80’s power  ballads in particular.            

I hold in my head a ridiculous amount of useless pop culture information – song names, song lyrics, movies lines, tv show theme songs, characters, Oscar winners, actors and actresses resumes, dating history etc, it’s a little embarrassing.  No one should know that much about something so pointless.  Sometimes I wonder what I would be capable of  if I could free up the part of my brain that processes all that stuff and use it for something else – I think I might be able to cure cancer. 

In my spare time I do yoga regularly and have become very spiritual in the past couple of years. 

I have little to no patience for stupidity and people who are oblivious to the fact that there is anyone else on earth besides themselves, you know the ones, they get to the bottom of the escalator and then stop and look around to figure where to go next while a steady stream of people coming off the escalator crash into each other trying to maneuver around them.  And the whole time they have no idea….


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