Congratulations Jenn Heil!

February 14, 2010 at 5:07 pm (Random Ramblings)

Okay I have been watching the Olympics pretty much since they started and this is driving me crazy today.  To the broadcasters:  can we please stop talking about how we did NOT get the first gold medal on Canadian soil yet and focus on the fact that Jenn Heil WON a silver medal!!!  The FIRST Canadian medal of the games and our only one so far!!!  Seriously!  It’s so irritating, this poor girl had an amazing run, won the silver medal and instead of celebrating Canada’s first and only medal all they can talk about is how the home soil gold medal still eludes us and how she didn’t get gold.

Even the stupid cow (I don’t know who it was but I know I hate her) who interviewed Jenn after her run was all ‘tell me about the disappointment’, ‘is this hard to deal with’ and Jenn herself had to say ‘you know I wanted the gold for sure but I WON THE SILVER MEDAL.  I’m really proud of myself and my coach is proud of me and this medal is for Canada and I’m proud to be Canadian right now’.  And still the interviewer is talking in this very subdued voice like this is the worst thing that ever happened.  Ugh! 

At least Brian Williams had the sense when they cut back to him in the studio to mention that Jenn made a good point, that she didn’t lose the gold, she won the silver.  She had a great run and made no major mistakes, it’s just that Hannah Kearney’s run was better.  It’s not like she cracked under the pressure and blew it, she just wasn’t the winner.   It’s too bad she has to keep pointing that out to everyone herself and that she can’t just be celebrated for her accomplishment. 

So, Congratulations Jenn Heil!  I’m proud of you!!! 

p.s.  I hate the Olympics without Ron MacLean, can’t they just make it a rule that no matter what network gets the rights to the Olympics, that Ron MacLean takes part in the coverage, no matter what.  He rules!!!


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