Do you know it’s Christmas?

December 25, 2009 at 10:56 am (Music, Random Ramblings)

In honour of Christmas I’m presenting my favorite Christmas song of all time.  Do They Know it’s Christmas by Band Aid.  I should note that I know every frame of this video off by heart having watched it upwards of 100 times back when it came out in 1984.   The numerous viewings were partly because I loved the song but mostly because I was a huge Duran Duran fan (still am) and I believed at the time that John Taylor would one day be my husband (it’s possible I still believe that but I’m not admitting anything).  Seriously, how cute is he in his red and black Duran Duran shirt?  I wanted a shirt like that so badly at the time and I think I still kinda do, if anyone knows where I can find one my eternal gratitude is yours.

I do find it interesting to watch this video 25 years later to see who was featured in it at the time.  I mean Paul Young, who currently resides in the ‘where are they now?’ files and who’s success was mainly from doing cover songs, is arguably the ‘star’ of the song and video.  He sang the opening lines and also got to jump back in for a few key lines later in the song.  I remember hearing that those lines were actually meant for David Bowie but he couldn’t make it – that would have made more sense.  Meanwhile, Sting doesn’t even get a solo, but he does get quite a bit of face time.  Bono gets one line as a solo and even though he puts everything into that one line and is sporting his spectacular mullet, he is barely seen again.  We’re talking about Bono people!  I’d say the other soloists are valid for the time and stand up now, Simon LeBon of Duran Duran – you can’t argue their contribution to the music and videos of the 80s, (at least you can’t argue it with me cuz you’ll never win) and they have managed to keep a fairly solid musical career going – although I would have rethought the horizontal striped shirt with the vertical striped jacket.  George Michael,  although I’m not really a big fan of his solo work and I want to stab myself in the ear every time I hear the song Faith, he went on to do big things in music as well as public washrooms and has built quite a tabloid career.  And then we have Boy George who has also managed to keep his name in the press in the last few years what with his arrest for kidnapping and forcible confinement of a male escort and an arrest for drug possession after he called the cops to his apartment to report a burglary and they showed up to find cocaine sitting on his desk – I guess some people are just born brilliant.  And of course there is his contribution to the theatre world

A few last things, after 25 years I still sorta want to punch the singer for Spandau Ballet at the 1:14 mark, why do you have to look so pretentious when everyone else looks kind of chill and relaxed?  I also like at the 1:56 mark how they all look like they’re moving to a different beat.  Back then I really wanted to be one of the Bananarama girls, I thought they were so cool, and now when I look at them all I can think is ‘did you just roll out of bed and head down to the studio?’ – does that mean I’m getting old?  Don’t answer that. 

As an extra bonus, here is my second favorite Christmas song.  Ahh the 80s, good times.  Good, fashion-challenged, times.  

Merry Christmas!!!


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