Mew and the dangers of late nights

December 7, 2009 at 6:55 pm (Concerts, Music, Random Ramblings)

Playlist:  all Mew

She Came Home For Christmas

Snow Brigade


The Zookeeper’s Boy

I went to see Mew play at the Mod Club last night – amazing!!!  Jonas Bjerre has one of those voices that makes me nervous about seeing a band live because you never know if it is going to sound the same or be a complete let down.  I was not let down, his voice was just as haunting and piercing live as it is on their albums.  Magical.  I only caught on to Mew earlier this year when I heard Snow Brigade, I then bought Frengers and became mildly obsessed with She Came Home for Christmas – neither of which were played last night but I’ll forgive them since the rest of it was so fantastic.  I have Frengers, And the Glass Handed Kites and their new album No More Stories… and love them all – very dreamy music.  If you’re interested I would suggest starting with Frengers and going from there – fantastic album!!!!  I almost dragged myself to the Virgin Festival this summer just to see them but I’m glad now that I waited and saw them in a great venue instead of on a second stage at an outdoor event.  Worth the wait for sure!!!!!!!

The only problem with the concert last night is that it is indirectly responsible for what transpired on my way home from work today.  So I’m driving home from work, obviously on autopilot, and I just followed the car in front of me when it turned into my building, followed them into the parking garage and then parked in my spot.  I get out of my car and notice there is a cement step close by that wasn’t there before.  That’s weird I thought, maybe they just put that there today, but not really sure.  So I’m a little confused but I keep walking towards the elevator lobby, once I open the door to go in there I notice that there are completely different tiles on the floor than usual.  So I stood there for a few seconds before it occurred to me – I’m in the wrong frickin’ building!!!!!  O.M.G.  How embarrassing!!!  In my defence my building is one of three in a row that are the same so the layout etc of the parking garage is identical, but still.  How do you drive into the wrong building?  Of your home?  Where  you have lived for two years!!  Unbelievable!  So let that be a lesson to you all on the dangers of lack of sleep and the demon alcohol – you may find yourself  brain dead the next day!


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  1. BannerBrat said,

    I just had to …. I’m sorry, that is just funny!!!

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