Andrea Bocelli at the ACC

December 5, 2009 at 3:20 pm (Concerts, Music)

On Thursday I was lucky enough to score a last minute free ticket to see Andrea Bocelli at the ACC – box seats no less – and I have to say that although it was not something I would normally have really thought to go see, it was pretty amazing!  He was joined by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, a soprano Ana Maria Martinez, Aussie pop star Delta Goodrem and David Foster.  So my thoughts on the concert:

  • Andrea Bocelli has an incredible voice and seems like a very gentle, sweet person.
  • I do not like the sound of most soprano voices.  If someone were to ask me if I like opera I would probably answer no and I realized that night that the reason is because I just don’t find the female voices pleasant to listen to.  The men I could listen to all night, but when Ana Maria was singing I couldn’t wait for it to be over.  So while I appreciate her talent and the incredible instrument that is her voice, much like the recorder or the accordion I really don’t want to listen to it.  
  • I love David Foster!  I have loved him since high school when I fell asleep to the soundtrack of Stealing Home every night for about six months.  Between that and St. Elmo’s Fire I have always been a fan and I still am.
  • During the opening song I quickly became intrigued with the guy playing the cymbals in the orchestra, I just loved watching him get all geared up before his big moment and slamming those things together for all it was worth and then just sitting there waiting for the next time.  I am intrigued partly because I always wonder how someone becomes the cymbal player.  Obviously someone has to do it, but did this guy always want to be a cymbal player, or is he just part of the percussion section and that’s just his job?  Do they rotate around and sometimes he plays the drums?  Or do you start at cymbals and triangle and work your way up?  I’m not knocking it by any means, I am always fascinated by any of the percussion instruments because I really think they do take a lot of skill and timing.  I remember being completely transfixed at a Queens of the Stone Age concert a few years ago watching one of the guys shaking some maracas to the beat for an entire song, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him wondering if he was ever going to slip up and lose the beat (he never did) and thinking how tired his arm must have been after doing that for 5 mins straight.  Very intriguing.  
  • Delta Goodrem is phenomenal!!!  I LOVED her voice and I definitely could have listened to her all night.  This isn’t from the Toronto show but here’s a sample – very Celine Dion-ish – only less annoying.
  • I loved watching the bows of the violins all moving in unison while they played and seeing them all scramble and lean forward to turn the page of their sheet music at the same time. 
  • I ADORED the conductor of the orchestra, Steven Mercurio.  What a character.  He was so animated that I spent most of the concert watching him.  My friend and I compared him to Bugs Bunny because he really seemed like a cartoon jumping around and waving his wand.  Very enjoyable to watch.
  • I was brought to tears (shocking, I know) on a couple of songs – Ave Maria, Silent Night and The Prayer, couldn’t help it, the music and his voice were so stirring.

Great concert!!  Great night!!  Definitely something I’ll remember and not bad for free tickets.  And we lucked out and found underground parking for only $15 at Bay and Lakeshore, while the other lots around the ACC were charging $30 – $35 for parking.  I found out the next day that there was an NFL game in town that night which explains the parking prices a little, but $35 is RIDICULOUS!!!!! 

So I will leave you with this……


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