Metric + Massey Hall = AWESOME!

October 24, 2009 at 4:41 pm (Concerts, Music)

Playlist:  a little Metric, obviously.

Poster of a Girl

Dead Disco

Help I’m Alive

In my next life can I please come back as Emily Haines from Metric?  I LOVE her!!!!!  She is my one true girl crush!  Not only does she have a voice that I have said on many occasions I would sell my soul for, she’s just awesome!!  I saw Metric on Wed night for the third time this year and I’ve now decided that they are second only to Linkin Park for me as the best live band I’ve seen!  Coincidentally, having seen them 3 times ties them with Linkin Park for second place on my list of bands I’ve seen multiple times in one year.  The reigning champs are my boys in Madina Lake whom I’ve seen 5 times in a year, which is as much a testament to how often they tour as it is to how insane I am.

Back to Metric, first of all, seeing them at Massey Hall – incredible!  That place is magic!!!!  They seemed genuinely thrilled to be playing there, which I think anyone who grew up in Toronto and has been to a concert there should be.  It is without a doubt my favorite venue for a concert!    Aside from the magic of Massey, Emily Haines is magic herself.  She is completely captivating on stage and she never stops moving.  While discussing her dance moves and why she is so engaging while jumping around like a crazy person I think my friend Kelly totally nailed it – she does on stage what we all do at home in our bedrooms when we’re listening to music….jumping, spinning, marching, dancing, bopping, head banging ….whatever your body wants to do.  Which makes you feel like she’s really just rocking out to the music rather than trying to put on a show – I think that’s why she is, as my sister-in-law put it, mesmerizing!  You can’t take your eyes off her and she’s larger than life, but at the same time she also just seems like a cool chick rockin’ out to some tunes.  Accessible and yet a complete star at the same time!  And the while she never stops jumping and is constantly moving – her singing doesn’t suffer one bit – she sounds amazing.  So suck on that all the Britney Spears out there who use dancing as an excuse for why they lip-sync their shows!!!!!  I think if you can sing, you can sing even if you’re dancing.    And Emily Haines can SING!  

This is actually from the show the night before cuz I couldn’t find a good one from Wed show but you get the picture.


LOVE Emily, LOVE Metric, cannot wait until they play Massey again!!!  Well done kids!!

One other note, I had the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had the other night at Aroma Espresso Bar on Bloor just east of Bathurst.  OMG, it’s like drinking a chocolate bar!  I wouldn’t say that I’m a hot chocolate expert or anything but I highly suggest it be tried by everyone – just make sure you stir it first.  Damn, now I want one … anyone feel like making a delivery?  Really, no one??  I’ll be your best friend?  No?  Damn.



  1. KS said,

    I think it should be noted that the dancing seen in the video clip was at the *end* of a 90 minute set. To keep that energy level up for that long and still sound great is amazing. Not as amazing as Cage the Elephant, but that just gives Metric something to aspire to. 🙂

  2. Avatar « Blackbirrd's Blog said,

    […] that night you need to watch it.  Because that…… was awesome!!!  I love her!  And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, to all those useless ’singers’ who use performance as an […]

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